Sunday, November 05, 2006

GREEN POINT - South Coast Natal

GREEN POINT - Scottburgh Natal
This lighthouse was under renovation when I saw it and should be looking great soon. It is in the grounds of the light keeper, whose father, Mr Wyness, was kind enough to let us in to take some photos. The lighthouse is 22 metres high and houses the white light, flashing two flashes every15 seconds, and a fixed red light, to demarcate the extremities of the Aliwal Shoal (a submerged mass of rock which claimed the Aimee Lykes and the SA Pioneer). Ifafa, Port Shepstone and Green Point lights, together with their radio beacons, enable ships to plot an avoiding course. These installations have prevented any further mishaps on the Aliwal Shoal..

"Brightly beams our Father’s mercy from His lighthouse evermore,
But to us He gives the keeping of the lights along the shore.
Eager eyes are watching, longing, for the lights, above the storm.

Let the lower lights be burning! Send a gleam across the wave!
Some poor fainting, struggling seaman,
You may rescue, you may save."

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