Sunday, November 05, 2006

RICHARDS BAY - Zululand - North Coast

Richards Bay lighthouse is unique to the South African coast because of its unusual design. It consists of an 8 metre high square tower which supports a 3 metre high cylindrical section which houses all the optic control gear. Access to the top is via a vertical ladder inside the square tower. Richards Bay town was aptly named after Sir Fredrick William Richards GCB of the HMS Forester which conducted a servey of the lagoon as a possible harbour, 100 years before this became a reality. The powerful light produces 3 white flashes every 15 seconds and has a range of 25 sea miles. The veiw from the top is great and we were lucky enough to see wales, which are apparently common in this area. Access to this picturesque site can be aranged with the ports authority prior to a visit, due to necessary security precautions.
"Jesus light of the world, shine upon us." "Hymns from e-sword"

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